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Klinck Memorial Library Policies: Print Periodicals

Print Periodicals

Print periodicals at the Klinck Memorial Library include print journals and newspapers. The goal of the library is to maintain subscriptions to print periodicals that are necessary and vital in support of our curriculum and appropriate to the size of the academic library collection to support on-campus personnel and to supplement these with other titles as the budget allows.  

The library does not acquire or process any print subscriptions purchased with funds outside the library budget. Print journals may be gifted to the library per the Donation policy.


Selecting print periodicals is the responsibility of the Access Services Librarian in cooperation with CUC faculty. Responsibility for the acquisition of print periodicals rests with the Access Services Librarian.

Selection Criteria

Print periodicals will be judged based on the following criteria: cost, availability in a full-text database, uniqueness of the content, necessary accreditation, and potential usefulness to the greatest number of our students and faculty.

The library will endeavor to purchase or subscribe to the electronic format, when available and when cost-effective.  The print format will be considered, as space allows, when the electronic format is not available, not within the budget, or if the content does not lend itself to online usage.  Microform is not considered.

Back issues of print journals will be retained for a designated number of years on a per-title basis. Factors considered include but are not limited to relevance to the curriculum, usefulness to student and faculty research, and usage. Print journals are not retained if coverage is duplicated online. Newspapers are discarded on a regular basis.

Since this collection represents an ongoing financial commitment that increases annually with inflation, the librarians will regularly evaluate each title based on its scholarly value relative to its cost. The annual evaluation of print periodicals is designed to ensure that the collection has met the goals laid out in this policy.  Through this process, titles may be added or cancelled, and formats may be deduplicated.  Many factors inform this review, including but not limited to cost, usage, overlap of content or format, and relevance to the curriculum.