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Klinck Memorial Library Policies: Donations

The Klinck Memorial Library welcomes and appreciates gifts to enhance its collection!

The acceptance of gifts strengthens the relationship between the library and its communities and provides a way by which a donor can share their intellectual interests with future generations. Donations will be held to the same collection and evaluation standard as purchased items. The library will not accept gifts for which it cannot provide appropriate stewardship.

Gifts are accepted with the understanding that they become the property of the Klinck Memorial Library and that the library team will make all necessary decisions as to their retention, location, cataloging, and other considerations related to their use and disposition. Special terms or conditions requested by the donor should be discussed with the Library Director before the gift is accepted.

Once a gift is transferred to the library, no part of it will be returned. It is the responsibility of the library team to make selection decisions based on the collection development philosophies and policies of the library and of the subject area involved. Please refer to the lists below for donation parameters. Neither the library nor the university assesses the value of gifts made to the library. An acknowledgment letter may be provided to the donor upon request through the CUC Foundation.


To schedule a donation drop off or for additional questions regarding a potential donation, please contact the Library Director, Liesl Cottrell, or leave a message at: 708-209-3053.

Donation Guidelines

Parameters for Library Gifts

  1. Current books and textbooks within the last five years
  2. Support the current/anticipated curriculum and research needs of the University
  3. Catalog accessibility
  4. Potential for receiving high use
  5. Good physical condition
  6. Duplicates
    • Donation copy is updated and in better physical condition than what the library currently
    • Item is found to be missing
    • High demand for the title

For duplicate item(s), the recorded usage patterns will be checked to see the number of times that the item(s) has been checked out within the last three to five years. If the item has been checked out frequently, that will be taken into consideration when the final decision to add it to the collection has to be made.



  1. Poor physical condition (e.g., stained, marked, mold or mildew damage, and underlined pages)
  2. Part of a series, with the exception that it would complete an existing series within the collection
  3. Textbooks older than 5 years
  4. Similar titles found in the existing collection that are more current on the topic
  5. Outdated materials, especially in the disciplines where the most current, recent, and accurate information is crucial, such as science and health
  6. Foreign language materials not relevant to current foreign language courses
  7. Pamphlets without any extraordinary value or added enhancement to the collection
  8. Highly specialized or esoteric treatment of a particular subject

For donating historical or rare materials, please consider reaching out to:

Unique Collections

Did you know...

The CUC library has some unique collections!

We are currently accepting donations to continue building the following collections:

  • Children's fiction and non-fiction 
  • First generation 
  • Library of Things 
    • These materials are check-out-friendly items to support our students and clubs with a variety of needs and hobbies. 
  • Popular current fiction and non-fiction 
    • Many of our students expressed the desire for "fun reading" books, so think of it as a mini public library collection for our students.
  • Alum & Faculty Publications
    • The library accepts donations of physical publications from Concordia alum and faculty. These materials will be cataloged into the general collection and accessible to borrowers worldwide.

For potential donations outside of these collections, please contact the Library Director, Liesl Cottrell, or leave a message at: 708-209-3053.