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Klinck Memorial Library Policies: Notices, Fees, & Account Blocks


Library emails several notices to patrons who check out materials: a due date notice when materials are checked out; a change in the loan status notice when materials are renewed or recalled; a confirmation notice when materials are returned; a courtesy reminder notice three days before materials are due; and an overdue notice two weeks after materials are due. To avoid fees, borrowers should return or renew materials before the due date.


Library patrons are responsible for all materials charged to their accounts. If overdue Concordia materials are not returned or renewed within 30 days of the due date, the material will be considered lost, an invoice issued and the patron’s account blocked. Unpaid library fees are sent to a collection agency. If overdue materials are returned, replacement costs are waived. The minimum replacement cost per item is $100.00. This fee also applies to materials damaged while in the patrons’ possession. The Klinck Memorial Library accepts cash, money orders, and certified checks. Payment receipts are available upon request. 

Account Blocks

A patron’s Concordia account is blocked when Concordia material is not returned or renewed within 30 days of the due date. A patron’s I-Share account is blocked when one of the following thresholds is reached:

  • 25 items are overdue.
  • 1 item is recalled and overdue.
  • 3 items are lost.
  • $200.00 total in fines and fees is accumulated. Fees owed to the home library are not counted toward this UB block.