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Klinck Memorial Library Policies: Deselection/Weeding


Librarians hope to achieve a well-rounded and developed collection to address the research needs of as many users as possible. While some materials may seem more relevant and valuable than others, please note that scholarly emphasis changes over time, and it is impossible to predict research trends of the future. Information considered outdated by today’s standards may be of historical research interest in years to come.

Potential criteria for deselection:

  1. Material without any historical or research value or significance
  2. Defaced, destroyed, or mutilated material
  3. Multiple copies of works no longer in high demand
  4. Materials that do not meet the current curricular needs of the Concordia University Chicago
  5. Usage patterns demonstrate low usage of the material
  6. Physical space is not enough to justify retaining the material
  7. Material is misleading or inaccurate in supplying information, especially where current information must be readily available in certain fields (i.e. sciences, medicine)
  8. Outdated formats, such as compact discs, VHS, and vinyl records
  9. Spiral-bound items


Continuous review of library materials is necessary as a means of maintaining an active library collection of current interest to users. Evaluations are necessary to determine whether the collection is meeting its objectives, how well it is serving its users, in which ways it is deficient, and what remains to be done to develop the collection. The Concordia University Chicago librarians continue to evaluate the library collection on a regular basis using a combination of standard methods that align with the ongoing information needs of the library’s users.