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Requesting Library Items: Interlibrary Loan: Requesting an Article

Requesting an article

Requesting an Article in EBSCO

1)  First check to see if Concordia subscribes to this journal.  You can do this by searching in our EBSCO database, using the title of the article you want, or using a keyword search (information here).  If your search retrieves the article, you can access the full text of the article if Concordia subscribes to that journal.  If Concordia does not subscribe to the journal, you will be unable to open the article.  (Alternatives: searching the ProQuest database, information here.  Since there are several ways to search for articles and journals, we could give those as well, or stick to EBSCO so as not to muddy the waters.)

2)  If Concordia does not subscribe to the journal, you can request the article through our Interlibrary Loan Request Form   The Interlibrary Loan librarian will then request a pdf of the article from a library that subscribes to the journal.  The article is then sent directly to your email address, either as an attachment or as a link.  The time it takes to obtain articles can vary widely, from a few hours to over a week, depending on the journal and how recently it was published.