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CUC Faculty Instruction Resources: First Mondays

Title & URL Presenter Date
Lutheran Identity and the University: Understanding the Mission Rev. Dr. Chad Kendall 4/24/2023
Embracing the New Peer Review Process Dr. Jamie Kowalczyk, Rev., Dr. Chad D. Kendall and Dr. Eli Hestermann 4/3/2023
Best Practices in Assessment: Collecting Student Feedback Mid-Cycle John Schwartz, PhD & Elizabeth Owolabi, PhD 2/6/2023
Showcasing student success: Mentoring student research presentations Mixon Ware, PhD 12/5/2022

Growth Through Adversity: A Mixed Methods Study of Teachers' Mental Health in the Aftermath of COVID-19

Kirsten Kasten, PhD 11/7/2022
Mission NOT Impossible: Demystifying the IRB for Researchers and Research Supervisors

Pamela Konkol, PhD

Nonna Working, MA 

Spring 2022    
Exercise Motivation and Physical Activity among University and Community College Students Zac Townsend, PhD 5/5/2022
Guided Autonomous Language Learning with Technology Erin Real, PhD 4/4/2022
Marmaduke Nathaniel Carter (1881-1961): Black Lutheran Pioneer and Church Planter in Chicago Rev. James Huenink 2/7/2022
Fall 2021    
Black Liberation through the Marketplace: Hope, Heartbreak, and the Promise of America Rachel Ferguson, PhD 12/6/2021

Dissertation Processes and Procedures: Insights for Chairs and Committee Members.

IRB Processes and Procedures: Insights for Researchers and Research Supervisors

Maja Miskovic, PhD


Pamela Konkol, PhD

Student Satisfaction Inventory Data: Translating Insight into Action for Students Success

Kathy Gebhardt, Asst. VP for Student Success

Elizabeth Owolabi, PhD