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CUC Faculty Instruction Resources: Brown Bags

Title & URL Presenter Date
Create your Textbook to Fit Your Mission Webinar Karen Calendo, Liesl Cottrell, Elisabeth Dellegrazie 5/10/2024
The Power of OERs: Think Outside the Book Liesl Cottrell 10/30/2023
Blackboard Ultra View Part 2 Richard Richter and IDT 10/16/2023
Blackboard Ultra View Richard Richter and IDT 9/25/2023
AI Bots (ChatGPT) Part 2 Richard Richter 3/28/2023
AI Bots (ChatGPT) Richard Richter 2/27/2023
Mometrix: Test Prep Resources for CUC Students Liesl Cottrell 1/23/2023
Microsoft Teams  Lisa Burmeister 11/28/2022
Navigate: Frequently Asked Questions Kathy Gebhardt 10/24/2022
Blackboard Ultra: A New Look Paul Brooner 9/26/2022
Blackboard Course Design and Organization Richard Richter, Helga Hambrock, Nick Fleming, John Schnack 4/25/2022
Brown Bag, Sites, Slides, and Podcasts: Using Technology to Promote Creativity and Collaboration in Your Course Jenna Mahay 3/28/2022
Libguides Liesl Cottrell 2/28/2022
Note: recording is incomplete, please refer to the PowerPoint Presentation  Liesl Cottrell 2/28/2022
“Making the Grade” a review and discussion of best grading practices using Blackboard’s Grade Center and Rubrics Tool. Richard Richter, Helga Hambrock, Nick Fleming, John Schnack 1/24/2022
Lutheran tradition/Lutheran distinctives: A look at the historical foundation of the Lutheran tradition and its basic distinctives, especially as it relates to the identity of CUC. Adam Francisco 11/29/2021
Brown Bag Seamless Learning Helga Hambrock 10/18/2021
Brown Bag -Library (updated) Liesl Cottrell 9/20/2021
Library Brown Bag Discussion Ann Berens, Jacob Hagan 4/26/2021
Student Assessments Brown Bag Discussion Helga Hambrock 3/22/2021
Plagiarism Brown Bag Discussion Allison Brady, Aimee Krall-Lanoue, Lisa Burmeister 3/8/2021
Writing Center Brown Bag Discussion Aimee Krall-Lanoue 2/22/2021
Faculty Panel on Teaching with Google Apps Katie Wozniak, Amy Stradtmann, Jenna Mahay, Beth Dellegrazie 2/8/2021
Faculty Panel on Teaching Online Jenna Mahay, Amy Stradtmann, Beth Dellegrazie, Jamie Kowalczyk 12/7/16/2021
Tips and Tools for Teaching Online Chris Hauser 11/16/2020
Teaching Online and Hyflex Courses Katie Wozniak 11/9/2020