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CUC Faculty Instruction Resources: AI/ChatGPT

What is AI/ChatGPT?

Talking to Students

  • Assign writing that is as interesting and meaningful to students as possible.
  • Communicate what makes the process of writing valuable. 
  • Support the writing process.
  • Focus on building relationships with students as a way to help them to stay engaged. 

Classroom Advantages & Integration

Detecting AI Generated Assignments

Will faculty members be able to use software to identify auto-generated text from human writing?

Thus far, not reliably. Existing detectors such as OpenAI’s classifier and GPTZero have been shown to identify human-written text as “likely AI” a significant portion of the time.

False positives can lead to false accusations.

What other steps can be taken?

  • Use Google Scholar to verify citations: At this time, many AIs are still creating fake citations. Double-checking citations from a paper by pasting the whole citation (or at least the article title) Google Scholar will verify if the citation is an actual resource, the majority of the time. 
  • Require students to submit the PDF of articles cited in their papers
  • Create an assignment around an issue that is specific to the local community
  • Direct students to write about very recent news events
  • Have students show or explain their work
  • Ask students to give an oral presentation, along with the written work
  • Handwritten essays (owch!)
  • Put project-based learning to work