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Collegial Cloud: Contact

Graduates applauding at graduation

EdD, PhD, and DBA Program Advisors

Rhoda Williams

DIrector of Graduate Student Services

Advisor for Reading, Language and Literacy, Gerontology, Curriculum and Instruction, Education Technology, Early Childhood Education, and Organizational Leadership


Phone: 708.209.3595

Fax: 708.209.3454

Nita John

Graduate Program Specialist

Advisor for Educational Leadership, Organizational Leadership, Teacher Leadership, Higher Education Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction, Sports Leadership and the DBA


Phone: 708.209.3645

Fax: 708.209.3454

Ericka Smith

Graduate Program Specialist

Advisor for Organizational Leadership and Special Education


Phone: 708.209.3266

Fisayo Akinlotu

Graduate Program Specialist

Advisor for Sports Leadership and Reading


Phone: 708.209.3471

Laura Kaczmarczyk

Graduate Program Specialist

Advisor for DBA, Educational Leadership and Curriculum & Instruction


Phone: 708.209.3557

Collette Rogers

Graduate Program Specialist

Advisor for Health and Human Performance


Phone: 708.390.7259

Twanna Walton

Graduate Program Specialist

Advisor for Health and Human Performance


Phone: 708.888.2479

CITE online students

Jennifer Tully

Doctorate Program Manager/CITE

(P) 718.923.9333


SAIL online students

Melissa Butsko

SAIL/University Partnerships Advisor 

(P) 614.557.9209

(F) 614.547.8089

Executive Director of Doctoral Programs, Assistant Dean

Maja Miskovic, Ph.D.

Professor of Research 

(P) 708.209.3554

Coordinator of Doctoral Programs

Lydia Hosek

Tel: 708-209-3282


Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Phone: 708-209-3261


Office of the Registrar

Katherine Heetel 

Associate Registrar

PH 708-209-3028

Alyssa Banas

Compliance & Licensure Specialist

PH 708-209-3258

Business Service Office

Tel: 708-209-3241


Office of Financial Aid

Tel: 708-209-3113

Fax: 708-488-4102