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EDL 7120: Sp2022: Other Helpful Tips

Tip 1: Brainstorm Keywords


Use the template below to help your organize your core concepts and keywords.

Tip 2: Keep Track of Searches

It is a good idea to keep a written record of how your search was conducted, especially if you are doing a literature review.  You might create  a document, table or spreadsheet with:

  • Names of sources
  • How you searched (keyword and/or subject headings) when searching different sources ( EBSCO, Google Scholar, ProQuest)
  • Which terms you used (word and phrases)
  • How you combined search terms ( e.g. AND/OR)
  • Any limiters used (e.g. dates, publication type)
  • The number of results from each source and each strategy used.
  • See example below:

Source: ResearchGate Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Tip 3: Contact the Library!

The Klinck Memorial Library collaborates with the CUC community to provide exceptional service and meaningful research.

Librarians and staff are here to help!


Need more library help locating materials? Make an appointment.