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Martin Luther and the Lutheran Church: Lutheran Journals

This is a collection of resources about Martin Luther, his life and work, and about the Lutheran Church.

Below is list of titles of Lutheran journals, including location information and available links.

Lutheran journals available in the catalogue here: Lutheran Journals Search

When searching for articles, go to CUC's EBSCO databases by clicking on the "Find Articles" box at the Klinck Memorial Library.

Journals in Print Format

These journals are held by the Klinck Memorial Library and are shelved in alphabetical order in the Periodicals area of the library's lower level. A call number will be given for those that are shelved in the regular collection.  Volume numbers enclosed in () indicates that the volume is missing issues.

Journals with Online Access

These journals have online access provided by the library.  Click on the title to see the holdings. Authentication required - access limited to current, faculty, staff, and students of Concordia University Chicago.