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ENG 1100: Fall 2022: Locating Articles in Databases

Finding Article Resources

Here are some strategies for finding articles (locating books and other resources are described in other tabs) in library databases.

Once you've found them, read this article before you read on.


How to access CUC databases and find articles
  1. Go to the library's website
  2. Click on "Find Articles"; use your Concordia login to access
  3. Select your databases, depending on your topic
  4. Select "Advanced Search" and put in your key terms 
  5. Select the "Scholarly (peer reviewed) Journals" and "Full Text" boxes, then click the big, green search box on top

Tip: Experiment with your keywords and don't type out a sentence (it's not Google)

Remember: You can request articles that are not full text!

Coming soon!

If you find an article you like in EBSCO, but we don't own it, just request it!

Look at the video below to learn how.

Requesting an Article in EBSCO

Finding Artlicles

Databases. Journals. Articles. Oh my!

The Klinck Memorial Library's main database for articles is EBSCO.
EBSCO is the best place to find peer-reviewed and scholarly articles for research assignments.


Remember: You can request articles for free at CUC! See something you like and it is not full text? Click on "Request this Item"

Alternately if you find an article that can not be requested via a database directly you can go here to our Library Homepage and fill out an electronic form under the Request Interlibrary Loan button.

Peer Review