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Klinck Memorial Library Resources Guide: Google Scholar can help!

Benefits of Using Google Scholar

Google Scholar can help you locate articles that have been made open access by authors. If you locate an article in EBSCO but it is not full-text, (of course you can still request it), try the following steps to see if you can locate the publication faster:

  1. Go to Google Scholar

  2. Click on the Menu Icon, (three lines in upper left corner)

  3. Click on Settings

  4. Click on Library Links

  5. Type Concordia University Chicago in search bar and check both boxes: Open WorldCat and Concordia University Chicago.

  6. Hit Save. You are now linked to the Concordia Library and when on Google Scholar you will be able to see if the article is available in our database or available as a pdf.  Type in the title of the article and see what happens!

If you need further research assistance, contact the library team for an in-person, phone, or Zoom session about how to access our resources. We are happy to help!