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RES 7800 - Mixed-Methods Research - Spring, 2023: Requesting an Article

Resources to support students preparing to conduct mixed-methods research

Requesting an article

Requesting an Article in EBSCO

1)  First, go to the library homepage, Klinck Memorial Library, change the search scope to Google Scholar in the dropdown menu, to search the library catalog and open access sources simultaneously, and type the name of the article you are looking for in the search box.  If you do not find the article here, check to see if Concordia subscribes to this journal.  You can do this by searching the title or ISSN number on the Journal Search page in the library catalog.   

2)  Next, you can search EBSCOhost to see if the article is indexed there, and if there is a link to the full-text article attached to the citation. Go to the box that says Find Articles on the library homepage, below the main search bar, and click the box.  Choose Select All on the EBSCOhost homepage, and click Continue. Then type the title of your article in the search box.  If the article is available, you will see an icon for a pdf or html link.  If it is in the index but not available in full-text, you'll see a cougar icon and the words Request This Item.  When you click there, an ILL request page will appear that is already populated with the citation information about the article.  You'll need to add your information, and then click Submit.  You can also request the article using our Interlibrary Loan Request Form.  Please fill out the form with as much information from the citation as you can.  The Interlibrary Loan librarian will receive your request and then request a pdf of the article from a library that subscribes to the journal.  The article is then sent directly to your email address, either as an attachment or as a link.  The time it takes to obtain articles can vary widely, from a few hours to over a week, depending on the journal and how recently it was published.

3)  You can request chapters from books in the same manner.  On the Interlibrary Loan Request Form put the title of the book on the line for Journal Title/Book Title, and the chapter title (and chapter number, if you know it) on the line that reads Article Title/Chapter Title. Put the name of the chapter's author in the space for Article/Chapter Author - this may be the same as the author of the book, but it may be different. Put the book's ISBN number in the space for ISSN.  In the Notes box, please say that you are requesting a book chapter.