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PSY 2320 Research Methods: Literature Review

What's a Literature Review?

Before you can write a literature review, you have to know what it is!  A literature review is a summation or discussion of other works (such as papers, articles, and books) on your topic. 

See this informative and helpful guide from The Writing Center at the University of North Carolina: Literature Reviews - UNC Writing Center

This guide from the Purdue University OWL is very helpful, too: Purdue Online Writing Lab - Writing a Literature Review

Getting Started on a Literature Review

 Chapter 3: Searching for Literature in Professional Journals in Preparing Literature Reviews: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches by M Ling Pan provides a simplified, organized process for finding relevant information for your lit review.  It may be well worth your time to read this chapter. You may find other chapters helpful as well.  This is an online book available through the library catalog.

What is a peer-reviewed empirical study?

CUC Research Databases

How to access CUC databases and find articles