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PSY 2320 Research Methods: Popular Press Assignment

Popular Press Assignment

Starting your assignment and finding your popular article

1. Consider an area or topic in psychology that intrigues you.

  • Social Psychology: Prejudice and discrimination; Social cognition; Attitudes; Social controls and cults; Persuasion, propaganda & marketing; Attraction, romance & love; Nonverbal communication, etc.
  • Disorders or Types of Therapy: Eating disorders; Depression; Phobias; Borderline personality disorder; Seasonal Affective disorder; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Group Therapy, etc.
  • Human Cognition: Dreams; False memories; Attention; Problem-solving; Perception, etc.
  • Human Development: Early Childhood; Social Learning; Attachment issues; Dementia or Alzheimer's disease
  • Other topics: Bullying; Media violence and children; Gender roles; Parenting styles, etc.

2. Make the most of a "Google search"  on your topic.

  •  Use the limiter "news:" before your topic e.g. news: happiness
  • Use the advanced search features e.g.  google advanced search

Popular Press Resources

Sources to look for popular press coverage of psychological research include:

Newspapers & Magazines

New York Times Newspaper Health section

Chicago Tribune Newspaper Health section

Time Magazine Health section

Psychology Today  (News, Trending Topics, Essential Reads sections)

APA Spotlight  (a free summary of recently published articles in an APA Journal)

Other magazines to consider include: Women's Health; Men's Health; AARP Bulletin; Science Magazine; Scientific Magazine; Prevention; Woman's Day; etc.

Radio & TV News Outlets  Try both local and national stations - most of their websites carry detailed reports on the topics they report on and offer search bars to enter your topic of interest e.g. mental health studies.

NPR (national) & WBEZ (local) radio

PBS News Hour 

ABC News

CBS News

NBC News 

BBC News

Original Article Sources

Often times, the popular article will include an electronic link to the referenced study or identify its title and authors.  To find a referenced study by title and author you have a couple of choices:

1. Use CUC's Library databases

2. Use Google Scholar

3. Request the article from the Library